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Seasonal – Fathers Day Fab & Nourish Box


This Father’s Day, give your Dad, the best gift, a gift of good energy and cookie joy! 

For only $30, you get 

  • 2 VERB energy bars 
  • 1 VERB energy drink mix 
  • 3 Oat chocolate chunk cookies 

The cookies are vegan gluten-free and paleo and 120 cal per serving size. Perfect breakfast or day snack for the Dad on the go!! 

They include Hu kitchen dark chocolate that is truly dark using organic cacao and paleo using organic coconut sugar. No added stevia or sugar alcohol. This is also dairy-free and soy free!

VERB energy includes green tea caffeine as the source of energy that sustains for hours without giving you the jitters of coffee. It also includes collagen!

The VERB energy bars and drink mixes are my go-to energy source when I am at the farmers market standing for 5-6 hours and my husband takes them on his hikes.


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