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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Celebrate breast cancer awareness month with Nishi & Row House Did you know that a few of the top preventive measures you can take is maintaining a healthy weight and routine healthy diet? Did you know that researchers have identified hormonal, lifestyle and environmental factors that may increase your risk of breast cancer, in addition...
October 1, 2022
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Delicious Peach Sourdough Toast

This peach cheese open-face toast is packed with nutrition. Hemp seed hearts are flavorless and pack so much digestible protein in just a couple of tbsp! So easy to put together and with fresh fruit, brightens your day and uplifts your mood.  Enjoy for breakfast or even as a side for lunch. Why is not...
September 30, 2022
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Set new “summits” for yourself

Conquer your nerves This 7.5 mile hike to an elevation of almost 3000 ft is a good challenge for your endurance. Start earlier in the AM to escape the direct Sun. My pro tip to prepare for such hikes, if you are an amateur hiker, is to include resistance training in your workouts. Want to...
September 28, 2022
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Healthy strawberry smoothie

No added sugar & only 3 ingredients When you hoard organic fresh strawberries at the Farmers market and the end of summer heat is bothering you, you blend them with oat milk and tons of ice. That's it. 3 simple ingredients and no added sugar. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, which help...
September 16, 2022
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Vegan Keto Bars

What if you could change what you crave, rather than replace it? Shop sale here I’ve found an on-the-go snack that does just that. Keto Bars were thoughtfully formulated with just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy your cravings, but NOT trigger any new or old sugar habits.  These vegan, gluten-free treats were created...
September 16, 2022
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Breakfast must haves!

My absolute must-haves for Breakfast or a daily meal! Join me on Patreon for exclusive recipes, discounts, and more! My everyday absolute breakfast favorite is eggs veggies cheese and bread. A delicious combination of healthy fats, fiber, and protein. A complete breakfast that fuels your mind and gut and keeps you energized through the chaos...
September 9, 2022
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